About Us

L i s a J o h n s o n


Owner and Director


Lisa graduated with honors from Spelman College where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. She went on to be the recipient of a Rackham Merit Fellowship from the University of Michigan and earned a Master’s Degree in Education as well as teaching credentials in both mathematics and economics there. 


Marlisa has classroom experience at several of the top Independent schools in Los Angeles where she taught middle school and high school mathematics. She has worked with a variety of academic enrichment programs in several roles: teacher, administrator and student. Among them – SHARP program at NASA, Princeton Summer Research Experience, Summer Engineering Program at the University of Michigan.

Our Staff

N a t a I i e

Natalie Paredes - Lead Tutor:  English, History, Common App

C a t h y

Cathy Garcia - Lead Tutor:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics

K a m l y n n e

Kamlynne Fontan - Tutor:  Chemistry, Physics

A u t u m n

Autumn Reaghard - Tutor:  Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science

Our Services

Private Tutoring


One to one tutoring provides individualized instruction. Our students often participate in weekly sessions with a standing appointment each week. We support students who lack confidence and organization and/or have foundational gaps. We provide tutoring in every academic subject including math, science, English, history and languages.

Test Prep

One to one preparation for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT and ISEE. Small group test preparation workshops are available and can be arranged during the summer months (please inquire if interested).

College Applications

We offer full support of completion of the Common App and other college applications.  We can help with the general essay questions as well as those supplements specific to colleges and universities.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Our Mission

Mathtopian Preparation provides one to one tutoring and test preparation as well as small group instruction in all academic subjects. Students who need additional educational support will gain from our extensive experience and expertise. Our focus is helping students to develop the fundamental academic and organizational skills as well as the self-discipline needed to be high achievers.

Mathtopian Preparation Inc.

Atlanta, GA / Los Angeles, CA

(310) 826-8400


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