Mekides Danna joins the Mathtopian Preparation team as a social media intern. The Meta Career Connections program links young people of color with small businesses. Interns are trained by Meta professionals in digital marketing, evaluation of social media metrics, ad placement and other skills that will help them to help the small business owners participating in the program.

Mekides graduated from City Honors College Preparatory High School this past June and will be attending UCLA in the fall. During her high school career, she was a part of a number of extracurricular activities. “For instance, I volunteered in the library, I did community service in non-profit organizations, and I participated in different educational programs. I also have 2 years of experience working in a car wash as a cashier.”

Mekides says, “So far, I have had a great experience with Meta Career Connections. Through the training course, I was able to learn a lot of new things, such as job skills, youtube marketing, social media marketing, google workspace, ad management, networking, and other important aspects of digital marketing. I applied to Meta internship because I have an interest in digital marketing.. I wanted to know a bit more about it and I want to build practical experience to decide if I am suitable for the field. Through this internship, I can enhance my ablities and upgrade my skills which can help me grow.   I believe this internship will be extremely useful because I get to learn many things and gain experience which will help me to explore this field and help me make the right decision for my future goals. By being an intern I am hoping to implement all the concepts I learned during my training period and get hands-on experience. After completing my internship, I can add my experience on my resume which can help me to boost it.”